Of Rumi & Spring

It is, as I walk the blue dusk.

And it is the sweet river twisting, coursing through my room, from an open window.

And in the morning, though fainter still, weaves itself the rousing, waking scents of everything.

And though I’m but old, it is my first spring.

So I do not curse but prize all wounds
that let the fragrance in.

Published by Tonyyy

twitter.com/sirmorose tumblr.com/sirmorose instagram.com/sir.morose

10 thoughts on “.

      1. I’m on the road, traveling to Virginia. I have to say that the way you describe what’s in your HEART, us Nothing short if eloquent!! STRENGTH AND HONOR TO YOU…


      2. Thank you. That means a great deal to me. I’m grateful for the moments of inspiration and that you see it as beautiful. I think to express something that strike others as beautiful is for me one of the main reason for writing.


Thank you :-)

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