After the storm, before the sidewalks are plowed, we share the narrow roads with the cars and the busses and the trucks. But the drivers are decent. They drive slow and are careful. I walk pass an old school that sits on a hill overlooking the road. I go down wide flights of steps that take me to other roads, and avenues, through alleyways, and onto side streets, all the way to the edge of the city. “I belong to you,” some lovelorn, plaintive, 70/80s era R&B Natalie Cole line stuck in my head. A romantic waste. In every city. The high rise buildings. The streets wide but always empty. The buzz that never did come. And I wait for you there.

Published by Tonyyy

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2 thoughts on “X33

  1. It’s so wonderful to just sit and read your writing. This piece, we have this spaces inside us when we wander alone don’t we. Lovely stuff. All of it Greg.

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Thank you :-)

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