Vicky has never ever really been a sister, but more a mother, a mother I don’t think even she remembers. It happened a long, long time ago. A curse upon our house some’d say. Fathers eat sour grapes. Set the children’s teeth on edge. But what did mother eat? Vicky told me once, she told me once as we waited there in the swirling, dreamy noise of an airport. A poisoned apple. From a rival. For affection. A lethal human need. Another apocryphal story about mother. A demise shrouded in mysteries. But here now she comes with a maternal bag of ‘you-need-to-do’s’.

1. You need to keep in touch. We’re not getting younger. You can’t keep drifting away. Call. Answer the phone.

2. Go to church. If you don’t want to go all the way to the front sit in one of the back pews. Listen. You’ll find it at least refreshing. Get some blessings. God finds a way of taking back that which belongs to Him. Make it easier on yourself: pay your tithes.

3. Get a passport. There’s more of the world out there to see. There’s Spain. The Mediterranean beaches of Greece. You may not have the money now but opportunities will come. Just believe.

4. You need to believe.

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