My arms extended, I come back for you. From the engorging moon dare I darken your door? The lure of inner silence, still waters, misty mornings; and all days nights – things to return from. The hunger of my heart was just too much.


Last night I was again a boy of the blue glow moonlight… Morning with its pernicious light came crashing back. But How much better to see you, even if amongst the thorns.


I faced the spectre of my lonesome days. Your laughter won’t echo from the walls; and the world outside does not exist, caught in the throes of some secret, silent rapture. Yet weep now not for me, for I have wedded myself to a muted bliss – though still you are an abiding thought…How typicalContinue reading “Human”


Strange perfume, the faint smell of burning wood, On The cool summer air. And should the day a pyre make, All that once was comfort, Wouldn’t the rolling hills, The white, distant, Glistening Streams, The flowers, The rain, Lips of smiling moons, Still a joyful scene unto my senses?