I brook no rivals but the sun, To see him crown your head with light, Be the soft, golden gleam in your eyes, Though as he falters, my enduring love, Burns Brightest at night


Swept away by the maddening visions of her being, and Separated by distances, A truth is unlocked before My eyes. Love is a force, A bird that must Be freed from the dark Cage of one’s heart.


I couldn’t tell if it was A satellite or a Star, How bright Yet how far From where this sad Dark wind, A black gale upon my heart. Yet The night doling dreams Took it all away from me.


I have bled From the broken shards of  indifference. Mere Tolerance. Hate. In blindness. But Love has brought me to a soft blue landing, a vastness Bigger than the universe – within me.


“Did you know Dandelions are Weeds?” She  Plucks them and tosses them aside. These things, such strange beauty; How we Named them  So… Trap men’s souls, silence them in the back of walled cages