A country boy. A no-name in the streets.

He stood no chance. Except that one night.
Though he started out shakily. One false move
by the assured champion. A surprised victory.
Then boldly he called out the other three. 
Right there. Defeated them. All four 
paraded there on stage. Surprised 
defeat dawning on their shamed faces. 
The spectacle broke my heart. Only he repeated the 
feat again. And again. Country boy. Still no love. 
No fame. Then one day. The morning
sun warm and pleasant. Thick. Syrupy
through the trees. Below. In the orange glow.
He stood there again on stage. Refined limp. “Good job, old man,” they said. Scorned pity in their voices. 
Undone by an upstart. He left in 
undignified silence…and this too broke my heart. 

Published by Tonyyy

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