Limbs heavy with the pangs of yearning,
I lived in a quandary of lust. Addled and
sleep induced, I descended the bowels of
night, to rest the weight of this life,
to find soothing words and hymns, to see
behind your garments – no, the veils of
which from me you hide your soul. For this
I went in search. But there was only
numbness. There was only nothingness.
Dreamless were the hours. Silent was my
hunger against your bonny enchantment.
There lived only the deep silence that muted
my heart. I saw not even the uncertain
pining in the deep recesses of your eyes.
Deeper still…I saw…grey….spectres of…
time and space. So, here, I awake…in the
blazing fire that is the sun. Left behind,
but now I know the stilling lullaby of death