For Kati

I’m stifled by the odour and the smog, the filth and decay, the strain of bills that must be paid, the intervening days that fall between you and me. I rush through it all – to get back to you. It won’t come soon. But Night brings quiet; a fragrant darkness falls upon the land. I smell the sweetness in the centre of all things. I am but a blur…I am one with the birches, the birds, the flowers, the garlands of wild butterflies. I don’t know why, except it happens each time I make my way back to you. Night is the dawn of you and me


2 thoughts on “For Kati

  1. Sometimes his art reflects her name and pleasant memories come back again.
    She wanted to be there…he knew it… hm, this place without a name.
    “THE artist is the creator of beautiful things.” Oscar Wilde


Thank you :-)

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