The moon blaze on the edge of this magnificent tomorrow. The night is abuzz with hope. I see her outstretched arms to me. I feel the ecstasy of life on my fingertips.

But shadows loom large over it.

I cannot help but think of all the things my heart cannot leave behind: things broken irretrievably, or things the earth swallowed. In our silence lives this chasm between us that time is yet to bridge. This rotting sorrow of broken things. This stench from the graveyard of flowers. Memories that cannot be captured with words.

So Another year goes by, auld lang syne.

Though I’m on the threshold of this new me, this fire underneath my tongue, my eyes that are opened anew, all that is sparklingly beautiful and wondrous and new, still I cannot free myself of you.

No Morsel of understanding visit my eyes, even after eons of rumination, or collecting the light of the sun in my skin. What is there to be learnt from the remembrance of lost things.

Let my heart find peace in this farewell. We will never be again.


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Thank you :-)

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