A Lost World

Long ago, in a lost world, a day gave me a cruel dream and I wish to give it back. Faced with certain extinction, we were fate’s acceptance. Everywhere the flood ushered the lifeless in streams passed us. It was a reaping and carrying away of the sins and beautiful things from the world.






We passed through streets some force in all heart-stopping rage now reigned. And it rained down on the feeble. And it rained down on the strong. High, violent, and brown, water bigger than the human soul.

I felt a numbing fear and an ever present nearness to it at every corner. I felt a fear that was beyond the trembling of my hands.

We travelled together in wordless silence, she and I. I searched the faces of others, for what exactly I do not know. I think I saw it, heavy and slow moving in her eyes.

We carried no plans, no hope beyond each moment.

Tonight, I have swum the distance of a hundred oceans. The sky is clear and starless. A crescent moon looks below. Here I’m an alien, an artist using the ashes of the past. My head is filled with memories from that life, that world, and her, and her. I try to squeeze her and our life into today but these things do not fit.

Yesterday has become a bizarre dream.

I am a man of a thousand years. Around me children laugh, they dance, they play. They lose themselves behind screens. They do not carry the burdens of the past. Around me the trees stand dark and dense, sentries guarding a secret world. I want to leave behind all that I’ve become – old, mediocre, a man doing just enough to get by without her.


Thank you :-)

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