Lock me in a darkened room with the sun outside to taunt me. I turn my ears away and listen to the phantom birds. The slow fall of dusk. Impatient sighs. Wisps of dirges floating up from tired streets. Without you I create my own music and I create my own mood, though I reluctantly now accept that my hungry arms were never meant for you. People talk about accepting change and letting go of love gracefully. But reputation does not comfort me, not of losing you. I thought I saw you today and how my heart leapt, and then how it dived. It wasn’t you. It always is…but is never you. So I say this hard. And I say it fast, for any day now my last breaths will not surprise me. Katya. Katya. Let these be my final words. I love you. I love you. But, for all that you’ve put me through, your name besmirches my tongue.

5 thoughts on “Untitled.

  1. That’s the difference between us. I like a bird do feel fresh breeze and a delight flight. You’re just a man who looks at the sky. Sometimes you see the birds. I doubt very much that you can understand what I mean… there are too many empty books. I always wanted you to be happy, unlike me, you’ve never said anything like that.


  2. Amazing… how I came by here?:)) Hello. I doubt that these words about me, but I admit that it’s possible… maybe sometimes you do think of me. You’ve become so bold! …And yet, it’s an illusion. Anyway be happy, G!
    Do you feel a slight breeze? *kiss on the cheek*/ You will never know my thoughts.


Thank you :-)

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