New Worlds

Rome was not destroyed in a day

New worlds seep out of broken things

And When they are thrown away we cling to them.

One day with all honesty. And fearlessness, we’ll come clean with who we are.

Birds with metallic songs in our throats

Maybe there’s no meaning, but life is only deemed worthwhile if we see one

The many books that profess this

Our Eyes are needles that sew narratives in random events

It is all an exercise in contradiction

For Every moment we must cherish the existence of those whom we love

Feel them in the goosebumps on our skins

Yet we must always be ready to trod on without them

As light as birds

Fly with a barren like heart over things that would weigh us down.

Especially when they are broken

Or dead

For what grounds a ship more than love

And broken dreams

The weight of memories

Stuck in the past.

In the afterglow of some forgotten summer day.

Yet We do not go to graveyards to count the dead; we count the living by the sparks in their eyes

Lit by hope

And love

We must embrace and hold tight our dreams in life’s raging storms.

And yet…

And yet…

As gently as white doves ready to be released to the heavens if the universe so demands it


Thank you :-)

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